• Do you feel lost, emotionally exhausted, burned-out, overworked, unbalanced, constantly worried, stressed or on-edge about life, money, career, family responsibilities with feelings of guilt and fear creeping in?


  • In the chaos of 'adulting' & doing things for others, do you feel like you've lost your identity - as a woman, a friend, a family member, a parent (or single-parent) & maybe even as a once-energetic employee / entrepreneur in your career?

  • Are you looking for someone or something  to help you move forward in positive ways, and with focus on proper healing, self-care rituals, good health and to prevent burnout / assist in overall work/life balance within your daily routine?​

  • Are you looking for holistic guidance & support to help you re-discover & re-define who you are, figuring out what you want in the next 1-5 years phase, outside of the old identities and labels you my have outgrown in your life?

  • Are you are looking for someone to keep you accountable and in-check when you jump back into limited beliefs, constant re-living of the past or just overall beating yourself up for how shitty, strange or unexpected your life has turned out?

  • Are you going through a major life transition, are still finding your way and are ready to start designing the life of your dreams on your terms?

  • Is there a tiny little voice inside of you that is yearning to rebuild a life on a more positive & solid foundation - one that you are extremely proud of - yet you don't know how to, or where to start?

If you've answered YES to 3 or more of these questions, we need to talk

I am passionate about elevating Busy Career Moms, helping them re-balance & re-define their mindset and confidence, with powerful, positive  & aligned results in life, family & career.



Why? Because 3 years ago I officially became a single - and very busy - career Mom, and I had nothing figured out. My dreams for the future were shattered, and I felt deflated, completely lost, disoriented and scared. Like wandering lost in a cave without a lantern. All of the things bullet-pointed above were me -- all of them


Yet at some level I was dying to find real help and guidance from someone who'd 'been there, done that' and come through the other end a better, more confident & healthy human/person/earthling (not bitter and broken).


I've immersed & dedicated myself to years of deep-soul-diving, personal development, self-discovery, book reading, webinar attending, counselling, career advancing, meditating, people mentoring, career coaching, relationship reflecting, connection building, wellness coaching (certified), desire mapping, retreat attending, mindset studying, energy re-focusing, down-ward-dogging, corporate ladder climbing … the list of learnings, skills, work & life experience goes on.

I’ve literally  done ALL of the work -- and am ready to share it with you.


During the process of working through my blocks, I started to feel hope & feel in the flow of life again. The blank canvas of life that lie ahead for me felt more like one of possibility & freedom vs. an empty abyss of fear & restriction.

Jump to today, I am a happy, independent & incredibly grateful Busy Career Mom!  I work a full-time job leading high-calibre teams in the fast-paced technology industry, raising my awesome & thriving school-aged son while working on my business empowering and elevating Busy Career Moms globally. We live a life of simple pleasures that I am extremely proud of & grateful for. It’s not without it’s challenges at times , but I have a handy tool belt full of solutions, learnings, approaches - but most importantly the mindset & confidence - to help me address anything that comes our way. 

I am here to support those  Busy  Career Moms that are sick of being stuck in their own negative stories  from the past,   are ready to take the reigns of the present   and  REALLY lead the  joyful future  that you

-& your kids & family - deserve.

In our 90-min Transform Fear to Flow session we focus on you, on your biggest challenge & 'how' to make your dreams & desires a reality. I will prove to you that finding & being 'you' again is a completely attainable thing, even while all busy-ness & responsibilities of life continues on. 

​As Moms, we've been gracefully chosen into the role of the loving, deliberate, courageous & trusted 'lighthouses' of our family. If we show up consistently, with honesty & integrity for ourselves, our children will follow suit in leading healthy, balanced & meaningful lives.

There is a happy life as a Busy Career Mom. There is balance. There is peace. There is the dream job you’ve always wanted. There is love & appreciation. There is financial abundance. There is quality time with your family & strong, positive relationships. And yes, your dreams can still become a reality no matter where you are on your path. There is also this incredibly energetic, confident & courageous Mama in there just waiting to unveil her true amazingness … and I can help you bring all of these things to life. 

To those incredible women   who are ready to stand in their power, and be the strong & radiant CEO of your life, family & career again — I find you the space, time & energy to be who you were truly born to be in your role  as a Busy Career Mom. 


How are you showing up for yourself today? Below are some ways you can work with me!

Collaborate with me! 


Elevate Your Life Package


Clarity + Confidence Package

  • 90-minute "Transforming Fear to Flow" Private workshop from anywhere in the world (via phone, Facetime or Skype)

  • Walk away with a strategy & updated mindset for the next 90 days of what you need to do to start leading a life of clarity & energy for you, your family & your career.

  • 90-minute "Transforming Fear to Flow" Private workshop from anywhere in the world (via phone, Facetime or Skype)

  • 90 min VIP 'Legacy Low-down' session (at 3 months)

  • Weekly 50 min private 1:1 support calls, with a focus on mindset + confidence coaching

  • Goal and intention setting workshop 

  • Email / text support

  • Life design strategies for living your best life, customized just for you

  • Unlimited access to our FB Community

  • Inspirational Mantra Band Bracelet

Your Price: $1125

(or 3x monthly payments of:  $375)

Your Price: $2070

(or 6x monthly payments of $345)

  • 90-minute "Transforming Fear to Flow" Private workshop from anywhere in the world (via phone, Facetime or Skype)

  • Weekly 50 min private 1:1 support calls with a focus on mindset + confidence coaching

  • Email / text support

  • Life design strategies for living your best life, customized just for you

  • Unlimited access to our FB Community