Same Storm, Different Boats

I’ve observed this pandemic both bringing people together & creating a moral divide.⁣

Some are having more virtual connection, checking in, sharing positive messages of support, concern & compassion for one another. Some are too busy to reach out, with less time on their hands trying to keep their careers afloat. ⁣Some are taking this virus seriously, some are not. Some are protesting in fury, while others are furious with the protestors. There's an air of divide surfacing between beliefs, values, behaviours & politics - which can feel hostile and scary on top of our current reality. ⁣

The reality is, we may be in the same storm, but we’re in different boats. ⁣⁣


Low-income communities are dying by the dozen in First World countries. ⁣Yet

those with decent health care could be suffering from debilitating anxiety over how they can afford rent. The rich could be in a dark depression as they cope with unfamiliar feelings of loneliness during self-isolation.⁣ Doctors & front line workers are isolated from their families for the sake of saving others, with PSTD imminent in their future from the burnout & horror they are experiencing. ⁣⁣

There are different socio-economic, race, political, personal values & health backgrounds with varied stories & experiences at play. ⁣During this time of global upheaval, everyone has a different cross to bear. A different challenge to face. Some are more equipped than others in coming through the other side of this, and sadly some are not. ⁣⁣


At the end of the day, we are HUMAN FIRST. This storm is a doozy & we’re all feeling it in some way. ⁣⁣


So we need everyone to bring forward their inner compassionate warrior, now more than ever. If you have the energy, check in with those you love. If you have the money, donate & share. For those that cannot, focus on rest & recovery. ⁣Offer what you do have & help where you can. ⁣

Love yourself, be compassionate to others. And if you can’t personally relate to them just listen, you may learn something.⁣⁣


We may not be in the same boat, but we’re in the same storm & are rooting for one another to get through this better & stronger than ever. ⁣

Be well, stay safe.

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