What is Reiki?

I recently completed my Reiki Level 2 Certification and am practicing on my self and others regularly. Reiki has had such a positive impact on my own life over the last 18 months in releasing massive amounts of trauma, stress & energy blockages from my body, mind and spirit. This energy healing modality has truly been a life enhancer for me.


I often get asked what Reiki healing is... the truth is, it’s hard to describe in words as it really is something that is felt beyond the rational mind.

Reiki works on your subtle energy system, and your innate self healing abilities to reset your overall sense of balance, self love and overall grounding.

Reiki's affects are subtle and cumulative, yet powerful. As it brings you a deeper sense of belonging, confidence and grace.


As human beings, our body is based on pure energy. Did you know that when we hold onto negative thoughts, emotional stress & worries without properly releasing them, the energy field in that related Chakra gets blocked?

The seven Chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in any (or all) of our seven Chakras can often lead to illness or problems in our daily life, so it's important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely (a post for another day!)

Our energy blockages start out as Chakra blockages & imbalances - with small hints & signs in our mind, emotions & body being triggered - then can transition into full blown physical ailments, if not treated at the source, in this order:

Chakras > Meridians > Organs > Tissues

What this means is that once you feel something physically in your organs or tissues (pain, discomfort, temporary or chronic illness etc), that is actually the last sign of an untreated emotional, Chakra or energy blockage. A trauma or emotional aggravation has actually been brewing inside of you blocked, unreleased & untreated for a much longer period of time.

So what Reiki does is it ignites energy healing at the deepest Chakra level, breaking up & releasing the cluster of blocked energy, realigning the Chakras so energy can flow through again, and charging each Chakra with positive energy.

Reiki raises the vibration level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached.

Acupuncture works similarly but on the meridian level, for example — which is also a great whole body healing modality for illness prevention and energy healing purposes.


With the increased amount of stress, pressure and responsibility on our plates in today's modern society, we've completely lost touch with our body's natural rhythms. Our illness triggers are going ignored or unnoticed. Most of us don't have the time or space to prioritize healing from the issues, challenges or traumas we do encounter in our busy lives. This has resulted in a huge rise in mental illness, cancers, hormone imbalances, auto-immune disorders & stress-related health issues.

If our Chakras are left unbalanced & the energy blockages are left unreleased at the core level, the pain, discomfort & imbalances will keep manifesting & collecting in your body at the surface levels — emotionally, mentally & physically.

And although we need Western medicine for many important medical reasons, they will only focus on fixing the symptom at the surface level, and will not treat the source issue, trauma or energy blockages that the surface-level issue(s) actually stemmed from.


💜 Deep relaxation 💙 Stress relief 💚 Increased mental clarity and serenity 💛 More balanced energy ❤️ Pain relief and management 💜 Promotes recovery from injury and surgery 💙 Greater connection with self & higher power 💚 Heightened intuition 💛 Promotes creativity ❤️ Assists in deeper sleep 💜 Promotes general well being and a stronger immune system 💙 Releases emotional blocks from trauma + grief 💚 Promotes chronic pain relief 💛 Eases hormonal disorders / imbalances ❤️ Increases energy and vitality

Reiki healing is so fascinating, and even more powerful when you start to experience the noticeable shift that comes with it! Have you ever experienced Reiki? If so, what was the biggest shift you experienced from your sessions? Comment below! Keri. xo

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