My Essential OilStory

It started with a health scare which manifested itself into self-compassion, a stronger

inner-compass & more space for an improved quality of life.


In the Spring of 2016 - just days after my 40th birthday - I experienced a skin cancer scare that not many people know about, but it was a very big wake up call for me. As a single Mom with a demanding career in the tech industry, a coaching side-hustle, while raising a child solo with a lot of personal responsibilities on my plate, this didn't seem real to me. Nope, no time. Not this. Not me. Also, 2 of my 3 "problem areas" weren’t even on areas of my body that were exposed to sun, like ever. Didn't skin cancer come from over-exposure to sun? But skin cancer doesn't run in my family? How was this possible? And although these areas weren't deemed as life threatening in their current state (yet there was an urgency to surgically remove all 3 areas immediately), no one wants to hear the "C-word" come out of any doctor's mouth, like ever.


During that time I had some emotionally confusing weeks -- I would oscillate between feelings of shock ... then gratitude {oh man, this could have been so much worse} ... then denial {WTF just happened? I don't have time for this.} ... then gratitude again {shit, I'm so lucky. It's no big deal, right?} ... then fear {what if this happens again & it's more serious next time?} .... then more gratitude {I'm fine, easy procedure, I'm still young & healthy, life goes on!} ... fuck.


It was unexpected & heavy, no matter which way you slice it. The memories of how I was internally processing this news - while trying to keep my cool & stay positive for my home & career life - has had a lasting impression on me, and made me feel SO much compassion for other parents that go through something much worse than I was.


Once the emotional rollercoaster dust had settled, I started to make some mindset shifts & set some new goals. Like drinking more green smoothies & eating more salads -- which I was already "okay" at {happy cells! happy cells!}, then I started training for my first half-marathon {gulp! really busting through comfort zones & checking off bucket list items for this non-runner!}. I also set out to be more conscientious of our attitudes & quality of our thoughts at home {happy thoughts! let's reframe that negative into a positive!} & researched new ways to reduce my overall stress levels: I floated in tanks, I spa yoga'd, I meditated, I'd fall asleep to healing binaural beats, listened to uplifting podcasts & audiobooks, I journaled multiple times a week, held a daily gratitude practice, spent more time & energy on my supportive, positive relationships ... the list goes on, and I still do most of these.

But this situation hit me hard in many ways & gave me a different perspective. I needed to regroup on how we were living and had this strong desire to take a deeper look at how else I could a) heal from the emotional stress of the scare itself while responsibility levels remained the same & b) be open to more conscious ways of preventing this kind of thing from happening in the future.

One of the smallest, yet most impactful, shifts I made was a personal commitment to start to detoxify our home, our skincare regime & our overall environment.


With my son’s history of extremely sensitive skin & chronic ear infections (since he was a baby), and my own history of adrenal fatigue, anxiety & asthma — the universe had its way of reminding me *again* that life is short, that this is our one life, which deserved to be lived in a high-vibe, joyful & quality way! 

So I treated this as my wake-up call. It was time to clean house, re-prioritize and stop ignoring the inner guidance coming through my body, heart & soul.


Spoiler Alert: Our body knows before our mind does. Listen in.


My most recent 8-week "Love {Yourself} to Live {Your Life}" Mentorship program was actually inspired by the methods, inner work & personally curated exercises I've been using for slowing down, regrouping, boundary setting, releasing & leveraging the benefits of a positive/growth mindset. 

After a lot of research, coupled with my vision of living a long, fun life with amazing health & inner peace all top-of-mind, I came across dōTERRA - the highest quality, most powerful & Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil products - not to mention the most supportive wellness community of women & families I’d ever experienced. So I placed an order for my first Family Essentials Kit.


At first, I was just excited to increase my self-care rituals for stress-relief while I processed & managed what was going on in my life, so I bought a few new yummy smelling oils to add to my baths & for my diffuser for relaxation, & to replace some of my tropical/smelly/chemical plug-ins in the house (yup. Full disclosure: Bath & Body Works used to be my second home. Eek!).


But my product orders starting expanding into more areas of our life. I started learning about the benefits aromatherapy has on our moods, emotions & mental health. Also how some of the key ingredients in these oils can have physical benefits & add to our health-care practices.  Slowly I was replacing most of our toiletries - like deodorant, toothpastes, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, even our probiotics & daily supplements - with natural, toxin & filler-free, fluoride-free versions, as I continued to learn, experience & feel more drawn to the benefits & the healthy longevity of a toxin-reduced lifestyle.


For just over a year now, I’ve been incorporating (and sometimes curating my own) natural & toxin-free moisturizers, bath salts, cold remedies, cleaners & pure-fumes/scents while researching the emotional & physical benefits of Aromatherapy. This was a big deal for me! Especially a recovering Bath & Body Works addict who LOVED a good, beachy scent in the form of a candle, hand cream or body spray (read: full of toxic perfumes, chemicals & dyes. gulp!). 

I started experiencing the power of the essential oils & products immediately, and it didn’t take much to start making some immediate shifts with my heart & intuition - which led me toward more of what felt good & stepped me away from what didn't, 

in all areas of my life.

Then just a few months ago, I jumped right into the business side of dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate which aligns & adds perfectly to my current coaching programs that specialize in mindset, stress reduction & self-care for overwhelmed & busy career moms. I love sharing & connecting other families to these incredible, high-quality products with the purpose of promoting high-vibe wellness from the inside out!

Although "busy career Mom life" in the tech industry & in my business hasn't slowed down, I can honestly say that connecting to the healing, rejuvenating, emotional balancing & the various other  ways to leverage essential oils & dōTERRA products' benefits on a daily basis has improved our home, our space, our moods & our lives. But I'm not perfect. Oh ya, we order pizza for dinner on the odd "I'm too tired to make dinner" nights. Also working in the fast-paced tech industry with impeding deadlines while managing multiple projects, vendors, stakeholders & teams, and very little downtime doesn't make for a stress-free environment at the best of times.


But I am way more aware of my limits. I know & I feel when long bouts of stress without downtime, too much negativity, crappy eating or late nights without a good sleep will absolutely make me sick or burn me out. The difference is that now I stop & regroup before I hit my wall, saving myself from the unnecessary pain. 


I make stress-reduction, self-care & balance a top priority in my life, even if that means committing to drinking an extra green smoothie the day after a crappy meal or going to a yoga or meditation class on my lunch break after back-to-back demanding meetings to calm my nerves. It's not always easy, it's never perfect but PROGRESS is the GOAL -- not perfection. (And added bonus is that essential oils are portable, so they come with me and remind me to breathe in their goodness when I need them the most!)

Over the last year, life just feels better, lighter & more aligned with who I am. We live slower on weekends {after our very full weeks}. I numb-out less and appreciate feeling into life more. Our home's air quality has improved, we sleep better, we make self-care and stress-reduction more of a priority, we create more space for joy & enjoyment, we experience increased our energy & mental clarity, my son has improved focus (at school & during homework), we have better immunity (no ear infections in over a year!), a stronger connection to what's going on with our emotions & in our bodies, and most importantly we have improved our ability to balance our wellbeing and our overall quality of life in a meaningful way.  

Not always, but sometimes a health scare can be a blessing. It can introduce us to a new way of thinking, to being open to new solutions and possibilities & force us to prioritize what's truly important in our lives. And for me, emotional, mental & physical well-being is all there is to a good life. So for this reminder, I feel lucky & am truly grateful.



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