Achieve more Energy + Alignment for Career Women

 8-week Mentorship Program

Do you feel like you're running full-tilt on a treadmill and you're unable to control the speed

or the direction?

Are you suffering from lack of sleep, overwhelm, low patience &/or heightened stress levels?

Do you feel like your immunity is taking a hit, like you are often sick or have long periods of low energy?

Do you find yourself caring for others needs more than your own?

Do you care so much about what others think that you go into analysis-paralysis, fear being judged and don't ever end up doing 'the thing' you ever wanted to do?

Do you do things out of obligation or because you have a belief that you ‘have to’ even though it doesn’t bring you inner peace, relaxation, energy or joy?

Do you put more energy into supporting other people's dreams, goals & aspirations than your own?

Would you talk to your best friend the way you allow your inner voice 

talk to yourself (& still expect her/him to stick around)?

If any of these resonate, sound familiar and your intuition is telling you that you need to make a change, let's connect.  


You cannot live a happy, healthy life until you love & care for yourself first. Period.


But I know, I know. Who has time for that with all of the responsibilities we've committed to? Many of us have been programmed to believe that ‘loving yourself’ is extremely selfish & bratty, and should be avoided at all costs. Right?


The notion that we must put our family's & friend's needs, our career, our home & the 1,000 other commitments & responsibilities AHEAD of our own survival & say 'yes' to everything with zero boundaries - or else we’ll be known as some improperly raised woman who disappoints others & dashes expectations of being the perfect woman/Mom/wife/friend/coworker/daughter/sister/school volunteer/soccer coach/workout partner. Right? Oh honey, so wrong.


Would a man think this way & stress about these things? HELL NO. (We can learn a thing or two from a man's healthy ability to say no to things that don't make them happy, so they can say yes to the things that bring them joy & while chasing a feeling of satisfaction.)


Ladies, it's time to get out of the Mad Men (1960's) era of old-school house-wife & martyred woman thinking and get back to our actual reality: we live in a time where the freedom to build an incredible career, while raising great children and performing our daily responsibilities have 100x'd over the last few decades and yet our mindsets & actions haven't caught up. We're grateful for the opportunities that didn't even exist for past generations of women, but we're exhausted, overwhelmed & something doesn't feel right (and P.S. if you have kids, they are watching). 


We live in a time like none other, where we allow societal - and social media - expectations of being "perfect at everything" run our lives. Married by 28, kids by 30, 6-figures by 35 & so on. The comparison & the pressure game has never been so intense! The more 'connected' we are technologically, the more disconnected we feel from ourselves & others. We feel a lack, a certain deprivation, we're spread too thin, unsatisfied and feeling guilty about it.


Don't worry, you're not alone. Our parents didn't have to deal with most of this while raising kids, this is new to everyone, but very few are addressing it. It's time to course-correct & take the time to realign on who we're here to be, how we want to lead our lives & how we want to show up for our kids - redefined, focused & adapted to today's culture with our growing level of responsibilities.

Self care is the most important

- yet most overlooked -  form of health care. 


Being of service to others with no more gas in our tank is like trying to give out water from an empty well. It’s literally impossible, even though our irrational inner critic (or ego) says we can just squeeze the well [or push] harder to find more drops. Nope, nope, nope. 

Stress-related health issues are at an exuberant high in western society, especially in women. Most women ignore their intuitive nudges & body signals while pushing through, which are resulting in health issues such as:


  • inflammatory diseases

  • insomnia

  • thyroid, adrenal or hormone imbalances

  • anxiety, depression

  • various other physical, emotional &/or mental health issues manifesting in our mind, body & spirit 


It’s NEVER been more important to regroup on your priorities and approach for the sake of your health. Your sense of self, your health & the quality of life of those around you, actually depends on YOU & your happiness (and vice versa).  


It all starts with a shift in mindset about your ability & willingness to fill yourself up first. C’mon, you’ve heard it a thousand times. You know about the oxygen mask — now is the time to practice actually put it on YOU first so you can be the best version of yourself for you, for your career & for those that need the healthiest version of you the most: your family!


In our sessions together, you will learn how to make time for rest, rejuvenation, realigning who you are and what makes you happy in activities that bring you a flow of natural energy. All of which will happen with full cognizance of your busy schedule & the family lifestyle you're already functioning within. Things will start to get & feel lighter, more focused, efficient & guilt-free.

Our 8 weekly sessions will include:

  • Clarity & Confidence Workshop ($197 value)

  • learning how to implement a growth (vs fixed/fear-based) mindset

  • learning about a regular practice in gratitude, living in alignment + self-care

  • simple + realistic “me time” scheduling strategies

  • strategies on how to pay attention to your intuition (your inner compass) which alerts you when things aren't right / are off track / needs attention.

  • for Moms: parenting tips on how to teach what you're learning with me to your own children, to lead by example & so they don't carry on potentially unhealthy generational patterns in their own lives

  • text message support 

  • you will also receive 2 incredibly healing & personalized essential oils that will best support elevating your health & wellbeing {$85 value}

How you will feel after our sessions:

  • a reduction in anxiety and overwhelm

  • a clearer vision & purpose for your day-to-day life

  • a plan on how to build or remodel your 'village' & support system

  • more present energy to spend time with your kids, family & relationships

  • more productivity & focus in your career or business

  • a stronger sense of self with the confidence to make day-to-day decisions that align with your own truth, values and integrity levels

  • the ability to communicate healthy boundaries without offending others

  • gratitude for the life you were given and the newly defined purpose you will live out

  • a stronger connection to your health, wellness + joy

  • a stronger connection to financial flow & an abundance mindset

  • a stronger connection to your relationships

  • overall rejuvenating the belief in yourself in order to actually be the life-force & lighthouse you truly are in the world!

  • Value: PRICELESS

When you choose to listen to yourself & live in alignment with who you really are,  the world around you

will change for the better.


Sometimes we just need permission & a plan. I'll give you both.

Let’s elevate your world together.

Book your Love {Yourself} to Live {Your Life} 8-week mentorship

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