Quick Facts:   Did you know ...

  •  21% of Single Moms - 1 in 5 mothers - in Canada live in poverty *** 

  • BC's Single mothers poverty rate is astounding:  49.8% of single mothers and their children live in poverty in BC (one out of every two single moms)*

  • Vancouver, BC Canada was ranked as the 3rd least affordable major cities to live in, in the world by the Financial Post in January 2016 **  


A  big part of Avid Earthling Life Design's purpose & mission

 is to give back to impoverished & local Single Mom families.

10% of all coaching services & product earnings are directly contributing to & supporting  local, positively impactful non-profit programs that support North Vancouver & Vancouver  area Single Mom families, currently living in poverty.

More Single Mom + Children Poverty Statistics in BC 

  • BC's single mother poverty rate is the highest in the country*

  • Poverty rate for children in single mother led families rose from 21.5% in 2010 to 49.8% in 2012*

  • Charitable organizations house, clothe, and feed single mothers who are then defined by hand-outs, hand-me-downs, subsidies, gov’t assistance*

  • Disheartening, disempowered, isolated, voiceless, perpetuating the poverty cycle = surviving, not thriving*

  • 119,000+ single moms / BC women are struggling with poverty*

  • Good news =  Claw back ended:  the province was deducting child support payments from income assistance checks; that has ceased as of Sep/2015*

  • 55,000 (36%) of BC's poor children live in single mother led families*

  • Single mothers median market income dropped in BC from $32,000 in 2010 to $21,500 in 2011*

  • Most of the lone-parent families on welfare are single mother led families*

  • The 49.8 per cent of single mothers living below the poverty line are raising 55,000 children in poverty. That means a potential 55,000 children disadvantaged for life by lived poverty in the crucial developmental stage aged 0-6*

  • About 8 in 10 lone-parent families were female lone-parent families in 2011, accounting for 12.8% of all census families*

 * Facts, figures and statistics are off the 2014 Child Poverty Report Card produced by First Call BC Child and Youth Advisory Coalition

** Financial Post - January 25, 2016 article & diagram: "Vancouver ranks third most unaffordable housing market in study, worse than New York and London"

*** Homeless Hub - March 2015 article: Infographic: Canadian Women in Poverty