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About Us

Avid Earthling’s mission is to embrace our human potential, fuel empowerment and create radiant self-reliance in well-BEing, career, confidence & JOY!

Between Reiki Energy Healing practices and Career & Life Design Strategy sessions, Keri Mayall (founder) is passionate about supporting those looking to improve their self-worth, confidence, stress-levels, career fulfillment, earning potential, overall well-BEing & innate ability to experience joy in order to experience the best quality of life possible for themselves & their families.



As we know, life can be unexpected & difficult. There are many life challenges & unplanned transitions that we may need to navigate throughout our lives, that many of us are completely unprepared for, and which can create a jarring or traumatizing life experience that we then need to find time to cope with and heal from. Such as: losing a loved one (suddenly or over a period of time), working through a divorce, taking care of a sick family member, being a single parent, losing a job or business, dealing with personal or family health issues, over-taxed on life’s responsibilities (burnout), experiencing past abuse or trauma - or anything else that might make life feel out of control or overwhelming.

From an early age, Keri has experienced many of these life transitions herself over the course of two challenging decades. Her family was always open about seeking guidance and help through difficult times, and she leaned on counselling for coping & talking things out (still amazing for clearing the throat chakra, and absolutely better than hiding/stuffing the life situation down - which creates other physical, mental & emotional issues). But even after years of therapy, what Keri noticed was that she would still be emotionally triggered or hijacked by many external circumstances, behaviours or people - which felt like being brought back to “square one” in her healing journey all over again. She sometimes felt like she was in a constant loop of fear, guilt, shame, stress, anxiety, low self-worth & disconnection that she was unaware of how it was even happening when she was putting in “the work.” She also felt stuck in these patterns & didn’t know how to improve it.

That’s when Keri was introduced to Reiki by a close friend. Reiki initially started off as an hour of relaxation every other week so she could disconnect from feelings of work & life stress. Then over the course of a few sessions, she learned that her past combined wounds had still been triggering her, even after years of therapy, meditation & attempted self-care practices. The issue was that although she seemed to have healed externally from these events (talk therapy is still important for sharing, dealing with grief & clearing the throat chakra), yet she still hadn’t detached from these past wounds energetically or emotionally from the inside (within her body). These old wounds remained stagnant & stuck (like clusters of toxic rocks) within her Energy Centers (Chakras) and were creating blockages in her energy field and ultimately showing up externally in her life.

Keri describes the practice of Reiki Energy Healing as a self-healing technique (guided by a Reiki Practitioner) that breathes new life into ones present and future.


It’s not to believe that the past trauma(s) never happened, but that the past has been released from our bodies (energy centers) & is no longer emotionally or energetically controlling our present & future selves. In other words, fear is no longer in the driver seat. There’s now a safe distance between the trauma story and present life, which creates a feeling (& a new reality) of freedom, inner peace and aligned potential.

After 2 years of receiving Reiki from her beautifully supportive Reiki Practitioner and noticing significant & positive changes in her own life within a matter of months, Keri was extremely curious and wanted to learn more about how this healing modality actually works. So in 2018 she set out to start Reiki Practitioner courses to learn how to offer & introduce these effective sessions to others. Keri is now a Holy Fire Usui Level 3 | Reiki Master Practitioner and is loves offering Reiki services to her friends, family & community.


Keri explains to clients whom are unfamiliar with Reiki that at the very least, Reiki sessions are great for deep relaxation & is a beautiful way unwind from a busy or stressful day, week or month. That’s how it started out for her too, as an hour of relaxing self-care.

However the longer term effects of Reiki (after just a few, regular sessions) will encourage proper alignment/balance in our energy centers (Chakras) where people have felt the emotional triggers of the past lift & release from their bodies, physical pain or ailments start to feel better, they experience more deep & sound sleep, they have experienced an improvement in feelings of fear, limiting beliefs & being “stuck” in toxic patterns & self-sabotaging decision making, while subsequently experiencing more feelings of hope, clarity, possibility, freedom, joy, self-assurance & self-confidence. Reiki sessions won’t change you as a person, but they will help you feel more aligned and in-tune with your true, healthy & happy self again!

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Keri has 16 years of leadership, cross-functional people & project management experience in various technology industries including video games, mobile apps, online virtual worlds & multiple retail technology platforms. Her leadership & mentorship abilities have included helping Software Engineers, Developers, Designers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Directors, Business Analysts & many other industry disciplines navigate everything from elevating careers, project/program completion, operational readinesss, ethical & data-driven decision making, enhanced self-worth practices, earning potential &/or interview confidence through mindset, life strategy & mentorship exercises.

Keri is known to be an ambitious, positive and dynamic leader. She has been in the workforce since the age of 14, when she worked every summer at her family’s RV manufacturing business. She learned many facets of the RV business from her work in administration, accounting, marketing and reception throughout her teens & into her twenties. Keri & her brothers grew up within a family of entrepreneurs where product design on napkins, transparency into current business/economical events & family collaboration was a real thing at the dinner table, any night of the week. Keri & her brothers accompanied their parents to work at the office/shop and on many business trips over the years, which was a big part of their adolescent learning.

Keri has always enjoyed contributing & being of service to any job that she’d take on. She even worked another job throughout high school (at the local movie theatre), working her way up from Candy Girl to Cashier then became Assistant Manager by the age of 18. Keri was raised to be an independent & creative problem solver, and she continues to lead herself & others through dynamic situations with ethical decision making & win/win outcomes in mind.

Keri has spent over a decade building multiple high-performing tech teams & managing high priority multi-million dollar projects & programs with fixed timelines, resources & budgets. She has admittedly both thrived - and barely survived - in some of the project & departmental pressures of the tech industry (another important reason for introducing Reiki and other effective stress-reduction practices into her life).

She understands the steps of hiring good talent, building productive teams, effective project strategy & lean processes, as well as what a healthy budget looks & feels like to an organization. Yet Keri’s biggest passion is to work with others on creating personal goals (career or otherwise), strategizing on clear steps to success & motivating others to quality end results with incredible success. Mentoring & cheerleading others really gets her blood pumping!

>> If you’re feeling stuck in your career or business, feeling undervalued in your current job or are looking for additional support in taking the next step in your career, Keri offers strategy sessions and supportive mentorship programs to those seeking to improve their career, their income, their dream lifestyle or business achievements.


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